Hit the right note by sponsoring one of Yorkshire's top choirs!

What can we offer you?

Ripon Choral Society has an extensive membership of over 170 men and women living across a range of Ripon, Harrogate, York, Darlington and Tees-side postcodes. In addition, its performances are regularly attended by audiences numbering around 500, from similar postcodes and beyond, who become your audience too. They have social and cultural interests that reflect the profile of these areas. By sponsoring Ripon Choral Society you would have access to this market through a range of advertising opportunities, brochures, programmes, website, and flyers.

As part of the package, Ripon Choral Society can offer to companies, tickets to attend performances and social events. How these are used are of course up to yourselves but could be gifts to clients, part of a rewards system for your staff, hospitality, in other words, whatever suits you.

The Society is also willing to consider other ways in which it can support you in terms of musical performances within your company at corporate events, product launches, or for general publicity purposes. In addition, some retired members of society are also willing to give their professional expertise to companies in other areas.

What can you do for Ripon Choral Society?

Having a top-class organisation associated with Ripon Choral Society also gives us valuable prestige. Your advice is always welcome.

We have a number of potential packages which are important to us as a local community charity.  By taking up one of these packages, you would be making a significant contribution to the community in Ripon and its surrounding areas.

To take this further please contact Margaret Smith or phone 07702967828. or email info@riponchoralsociety.org.uk