How to Join the Society

Information for members

Joining the Society

  • Ripon Choral Society is always keen to welcome new singing members. If you would like to sing with us then you can either contact our secretary in advance, or just come along to a rehearsal and introduce yourself. Details of rehearsal times and venue are on the tab on the right.

    We are a community choir, open to anyone. But being able to read music, if only at a basic level, will be needed. At one of your first rehearsals you will be asked to undertake a short, and very easy, voice test in a group, singing with other new starters.

    Singing members pay an annual subscription. They are expected to attend regularly at rehearsals and to participate in the Society's concert programme.

Time and Venue

  • Rehearsals are held weekly on a Wednesday evening from 7.30 to 9.30 p.m.

    Tea and Coffee is served during the break (60p contribution) we encourage members to bring there own cup or mug in a drive to reduce our use of plastics.

  • The normal venue is St John's Church, Berrygate Lane, Sharow, location map here.

Vocal Scores

  • Vocal scores are available for the use of members, usually free of charge.
  • Please collect them at the first rehearsal.
  • Copies will be collected straight away at the end of each concert (look for the box by the north door of the Cathedral) so that they can be returned to the library without incurring further costs.
  • If you are not singing in the concert please arrange to return your copy on time.
  • We will pass on to members any charges incurred for copies not returned.
  • Please note - we do NOT provide copies of Messiah. We use the Watkins Shaw edition - available here.

The Raffle

  • Income from a weekly raffle, is important to the Society and members are encouraged to take a turn in running the raffle and providing the prizes.
  • Please sign the raffle rota!

100 Club

  • The society operates a 100 Club as a means of fundraising. We encourage all members to join. If you'd like to get involved please speak to a member of the committee